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8th Grade Welcome back to school Information

8th Graders - 
We are extremely excited to welcome you back to the Junior High for your 8th grade year.  We hope you are as excited as we are.  On this page, you will find a variety of resources that you can watch, read, and examine to learn about your 8th grade year.  We have made some major changes that will affect the 8th grade class, including changes to the bell schedule and new guidelines for backpacks.  I have created a video for you to watch, on your own time, to review changes to the Junior High.  Your 8th grade teachers have also created videos welcoming you and explaining a bit about their classes and the materials you may need for the start of the school year.  Also, please take some time to look at the attached documents to review information about the Junior High.    We'll see our 8th grade WEB leaders on Monday, August 29th for WEB Orientation Day.  The first official day of school for the 8th graders is Tuesday, August 30th.  
Enjoy the rest of the summer, 
Mr. Shivetts
Principal Videos:
This video contains general information about the Junior High, including some updates to our rules and procedures.  It's a good idea for both parents and students to watch these videos.
Teacher Videos:
These videos are course specific.  The 8th grade teachers and the unified arts teachers have created short videos introducing themselves and explaining about their classes.  
Unified Arts Courses:  
You will be scheduled into 3 of these courses during your 8th grade year.  
Important Documents:
Below you find find several documents with important information pertaining to the Junior High.